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How to Play German Lotto 6aus49
Step 1 Choose Your Numbers
Choose 6 main numbers from 1-49 and 1 Superzahl  from 0-9 or use our "Lucky Pick" random number generator to choose for you.
Step 2 Add More Lines
Add another line if you wish. You can play from 1 up to 10 lines. You can play additional tickets thereafter if you want.
Step 3 Choose Your Days
Choose your draw days – Wednesday or Saturday or play for ALL draw days.
Step 4 Select your Future Draws
Choose your weeks. You can play for the upcoming draw or select to play for multiple future draws.
Step 5 Confirm Check Out
Review your selection carefully and then click “Check Out” button.
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Note: The last digit of "Ticket Numbers" is called “Superzahl” number for every ticket played.
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